Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Health Services


Biodecoding and Radionics treatments

​Initially, we need to have a phone conversation or if you live close to Huntsville, AL we can set up an appointment for a face to face interview. My Cell is +1 773 266-8222
   •    The Biodecoding and Radionics balancing doesn't require you to be present for the healing therapy nor the broadcast of the healing rates or frequencies. You can be anywhere in the world, the healing frequencies will reach you there. 
    •    Fees: Give me a call so we can talk about what you wish to heal, and then tailor a healing plan specifically for your needs. I like to get to know your goals so we can offer you what you need to reach them. 

•    If travel to my city is not an option. I will need your name, contact information, some basic personal information like illnesses or surgeries you have had in the past and finally a sample of you, lock of your hair will suffice. You can mail the sample to me along with a $50 non-refundable check for the initial analysis and a signed consent form. We will then set up an appointment time so we can facetime or carryout the healing session over the phone. Full payment is required at the time of the appointment.
    •    Remember: Radionic Therapy does NOT replace the professional advice or prescriptions from your Doctor. It is an aid for balancing and healing your body and mind. Radionics does NOT replace any medicine or therapy recommended by your Doctor. Always follow the indication of your professional caregiver.  

Let us know how we can help you. 

Click below to get answers to our frequently asked questions. But if you still have more, call me (773) 266-8222

Place Services



​First of all, we will need to talk, to find out some specifics, and explain how the healing works in more detail. My Cell is +1 773 266-8222
   •    Second, I will need your name, phone number, address of the house or business to be studied and who inhabits/ works in the building with you, including your pets. Also, I need a drawing of your home or business with gardens or patios attached, it can be a formal blueprint or a hand-drawn sketch.  You can email it to me cp@rgsbalancing.com, or mail it along with a $ 50 non-refundable check for the initial analysis and a signed consent form.
    •     I dowse remotely, so I do not need to be on the premises, that is why I ask for the drawing. If needed, a visit to the place can be arranged, travel expenses will be paid by the client.
    •    After finishing the first revision, I will prepare a report with all the findings and email or mail it back to you. Once you have read it, we will discuss the findings and talk about a plan for balancing your home and/or business.
    •     The final cost depends on how long it takes to balance the building, some clearings can take several hours or more, depending on the complexity and layers of detrimental energies in the building) each hour will be $75.  Once the report has been received, and you have agreed on the plan of action required to heal the area, 50% of the total cost will be required to begin the balancing; this will show your intention and allow me to work on your house or business. The remaining 50% is due once the healing has been done. Throughout the clearing, we will maintain constant contact to determine the progress being made. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Click below to get answers to our frequetnly asked questions. If you have more, don't hesitate to call (773) 266-8222

Body Chakra Healing


Energy Balancing

First of all, we need to talk to find out what your goals and expectations of the energy balancing are. I will explain to you the why, how and when. My Cell is +1 773 266-8222.
    •    You don’t need to be in my office to do the balancing, of course, you are welcome to come if distance and time permits. An appointment can be scheduled.
    •    Once you have a clear view of what the balancing covers, it is good to know that in some cases more than one session will be needed. We then set a time in which you are in a calm and comfortable place for the balancing to take place. Then, we will examine each chakra, the subtle bodies, and the Auric field. Once I know what needs to be done, the cleaning and balancing process begins. The length of the cleaning and balancing depends on each patient, but as a general rule, you should schedule no less than an hour. It is also convenient that after the balancing you stay in a calm, quiet place for at least 30 min. while the energies settle.    
    •    Fees: $50 for the initial checkup. Every healing session is $100. Once you agree with the fees, mail the payment to me for the first session along with a signed consent form, this will show your intention and allow me to work on you. If more sessions are needed the same fee will apply. We are eager to help you be at your best. Contact us…  

Click below to get answers to our frequetnly asked questions. If you have more, please call (773) 266-8222