Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Natural Healing

There are many ways of healing the body, world wide and historically many different types of healing have been used successfully. 

In our culture, we have come to belive that there is only a right or a wrong way to heal, either it is black or white, left or right, up or down. We think that alternative or traditional medical practices are exclusive, and they cannot coexist. Within our practice, we believe that they are complementary, each has it's strengths and it's value. Therefore our therapies work hand in hand with what your primary doctor has diagnosed and prescribed.



Reprogramming your body

The emotions and thoughts we experience as we go through life code our health and perception of the world around us. Some emotional seeds are planted in our childhood, others in adolecence., some are carried down through the family tree. These are then triggered at some point in our life or appear repetitively asking us to grow and understand.. While we learn and grow from many events in our lives, some we just cannot seem to process and therfore the subconscious mind takes it upon itself to process them for us. In doing so, we get sick. The mind expresses through our symptoms what we cannot put into words. So any disease we have, chronic or not, has come as a teacher to help us learn and grow. Both our mental and physical health are a reflection of how we process life. 

Biodecoding is a therapy to reverse disease through growth of consciousness. We help the patient identify the emotion linked to the illness and the time in their life when the emotional seed was planted to then heal that condition. For this therapy, the patient needs to have a strong desire for change and the willingness to look back on those life changing events that prompted that fear, anguish, frustration, etc. They also need to understand that whatever ails them is not who they are but what they need to learn and process. 

*Biodecoding is an Aid to improve your overall health; It does not replace nor interfere with other forms of medical care but supplements them. Biodecoding treatment never replaces an allopathic treatment. Do NOT ever skip or replace your Doctor's recommendations, medicines and treatment.

When you open up to healing what you need will come to you. The Universe will always serve you whether this comes in the form of a song, a friend, a learning experience, healing therapies; it will always come to help us grow and learn. Our task is to be willing and open to allow that help to come.



Healing energies

Everything in the universe is energy and vibrates a Galaxy, a planet, you, me, our organs, pets, etc. By knowing the right (healthy) frequency and broadcasting it, we are able to tune the body and organs by resonance. We use a method to help the body to correct itself in addition to allopathic or regular Medical Practice*.

Radionics is a process of broadcasting beneficial energy frequencies to people, animals, plants, buildings, etc; anywhere on the planet (like a radio station broadcasting its signal) with the intention of restoring, getting them well and vibrating on a "healthy" frequency. 

In our practice, we use the “MARS III Radionic System”, a machine developed by the Bruce/Copen Laboratories in Germany and a Homoeonic Evolution-MXP developed in Mexico. 

Radionics is based on the Quantum Physics principle of correlation or “Entanglement”, which means we are all interconnected and events that are happening here are happening somewhere else in the universe one or several times at the same time. Based on this principle we can lessen (heal) a condition where distance is not of importance. With a sample of a patient (drop of blood, hair, etc.) some call it “witness”, a condition can be improved by finding the right rate that enters in resonance with that sample, therefore causing a beneficial effect in the patient.
The Radionics concept was originated or at least rediscovered by a remarkable American physician Dr, Albert Abrams (1863-1924) and since then, has been further developed by other people in England, Germany and the USA.

*Radionics is an Aid to improve your overall health; It does not replace nor interfere with other forms of medical care but supplements them. Radionics treatment never replaces an allopathic treatment. Do NOT ever skip or replace your Doctor recommendations, medicines and treatment. alternative medicine natural healing no chemo

When the desire for change is stronger than the desire to stay in our current condition, Big things can happen, and they DO!



Dominik, Bogota, Colombia

"I’m an 18-year-old teenager. As everyone knows, being an adolescent is complicated when you’ve grown up with just your grandmother and your mom. And if one of them should pass on, everything is more complicated, without mentioning that school life today is a battle. I was also a victim of bullying. So I closed myself off from the world for a long time and did things I regret doing. I felt and dreamed horrible things. But Carolina and Alex came into my life, guiding me and listening to me and filling my mind and being with new ideas and energies. Now, whenever I feel strange things in the house or in my room, I contact Alex and soon afterwards calm, love, happiness and the will to live and strive on return. I am learning to meditate and pray and learning to love myself more each day".


Albert, Chicago, IL, USA.

"Biodecoding and Radionics has opened up a new realm of healing, in which you do not need to be present to obtain healing. We've received help with clearing up headaches, heal asthma attacks, food poisoning and nerve pain. It's completely painless and highly effective. Really excited to continue discovering the effects and advantages of Radionics".


​Gisela. Claremont, CA, USA.

"I have been experiencing headaches for ten years since I suffered a concussion in an accident. I tried everything possible through the conventional medicine, but nothing worked. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to be introduced to an alternative medicine, Radionics y Geopathic stress. I only sent them a floor plan of my house and a lock of my hair; shortly afterwards, Alex called me to talk about his findings after he analyzed my energy and my home. After a few days, once he had started the treatment, I noticed the headaches came less frequently. Today I still suffer from headaches, but only once in a while. I can handle the pain, and the best thing is that, I don't need to take strong pain pills like I did before.


Milena, Bogotá, Col...

"Hi my name is Milena, I am 48 years old; three years ago I Iost both of my parents and one of my kidneys. I felt that my life had been destroyed, there was no meaning to it any more. Thank God, He put me in contact with Alex, Carolina and Mario. It is dificult for me to understand how it works, but by listening, praying and helping me see my problems from a different perspective they can help you so much. Alex helped me understand that loving myself, being grateful for everything that has been given to us and undestanding  my health problems from a different perspective I can heal myself. Carolina has also helped me heal a very intense pain I was suffering from in my hands, due to my health conditions I could not take anything for the pain, but she guided me in finding the root cause of my pain and within a few days that very intense pain disappeared. Thanks to the radionics machine and the biodecoding, healthy living is a possiblity for me."