Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Healing Home, Buisness, Office etc.

Geopathic stress healing

Does your house feel like a home where you can recharge physically, mentally and spiritually? Or is it more of a building that just protects you from the elements? 

Many of our problems, like illnesses, insomnia, depression, divorces, broken families, financial loss, etc, are attributed, in many cases, to detrimental energies at home or in our offices. 

There are many Energies around us beneficial or detrimental; 

  • some come from Mother Earth herself like her magnetic field and all of its variations, water veins, fault lines etc. 
  • Man-made ones like power lines, microwaves, radiation, etc, with all the known and unknown side effects; 
  • spiritual level like ghosts, spirits, etc, and the human emotions that can unbalance our living or working environment.

All this is what is called GEOPATHIC STRESS which shouldn’t be in our homes or offices; they need to be removed and taken to where they belong. These can be cleaned, balanced or healed, give us a call to let us know how we can help your space benefit your well-being.. haunted supernatural

Clearing supernatural energies: ghosts, spirits, curses, spells and more!




Aida, Bogotá, Colombia

"About a year ago, I had a series of problems of all sorts. I was at a very difficult point in my life, as I had never experienced before, when I thought all the doors had closed I was blessed to receive some much needed help from RGSbalancing. Alex performed a healing of my home, my business and of my work, little by little everything has started turning around and many doors reopened and my business began to thrive once more. There was a very positive change in my life, which has helped everyone." supernatural ghost


Angelica, Chicago, USA 

"A few years ago, my husband and I decided we were ready to purchase our first home, so we contacted Alex so that he could assess us as to which home would be best for us to reach our goals, a beautiful place to live in that would also be within our financial, spiritual and emotional best interest, where the energies would flow best for us. We saw several houses, some historical, other's in need of repair, but each one wasn't appropriate for us when Alex would run a geopathic stress checklist. Some needed several sessions of healing, others where haunted or had energies that were very harmful for us. But we found our dream home, one that has healthy energies and vibrates with us. We are so happy here! supernatural ghost


Harold, Bogotá, Colombia

A few years ago, I commented to Alex that there were parts of my house that were colder than others, and parts that I did not want to spend a lot of time in. I sent him a hand drawn diagram of the layout of my house and he checked it for detrimental energies. Sure enough, there were several. There were ghosts, supernatural energies, cursed artifacts; I thought I was going to have to throw out many things, but everything was cleaned energetically, and the temperature in those rooms improved greatly, it was as if I had free reign of my home again. haunted

Clearing supernatural energies

Ivan, Bogotá, Colombia

Two years ago, I talked to Carolina about some strange or supernatural things that were happening in our new home. It was as if we had purchased a haunted house, with ghosts and spirits. I needed help, as my family wasn't feeling well. She put me in contact with Alex and he looked into it He was surprised at all the different types of deterimental energies that were affecting my whole family. We met in person, to go over the clearing plan and then again after it was done to see how things had changed. After the clearing, the energy in our house was totally different. My son was finally able to get a good nights sleep since moving into the house and an amazing peace and calm reigned. We are so grateful to Alex for helping us live comfortably in our beautiful home.