Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Frequently Asked Questions



Who can be treated with radionics? 

Any living beings can be treated, new born babies, children, adults, older adults, pets, people with critical health conditions, plants, trees, etc. (Please keep in mind that patients must have a willingness to heal, we as therapist give the patient the tools to heal but if they do not wish to be healed nothing will happen.)

What if I don't live close to your office?

All of our services can be done remotely, so you do not need to be physically present to be healed and balanced. In the same way, healing living or working spaces can be done effectivly without us being in the space.

How long will the treatment take?

As in everything, it depends on the client. When a client wants to heal a specific ailment we first have to identify the root cause of it, then we have to heal it and backtrack from the time the ailment started. Some patients react very quickly, others take some time to heal, but all clients feel an improvement in their health after the first treatment. 

What if I am currently taking medications?

Our treatments are non invasive and work along side with treatments that have been prescribed by medical practitioners. So we work in conjunction with the treatment you are on and can help lessen the number of prescription medicines that you are taking over time. 

Does this treatment have negative side effects?

No, Radionics works through vibrations, if the body is vibrating in a healthy frequency and the radionic treatment is applied nothing will happen because it is also vibrating in the same frequency.

What do I need to do to start treatment?

First of all, please call us so we can go over what ailment you would like to treat. We will need a "witness", so we can identify your frequency. A witness can be a few hair clippings or a high resolution picture, we have found that a few strands of hair are most effective. We will then go over the treatment plan and start from there. We can work through face to face appointments, FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp or Viber. For further information click below. 

What if I feel worse after the first treatment?

With our treatments we are backtracking or reversing the path you have been on, the path that lead you to create your current condition; sometimes patients feel worse, and that is a very positive sign that tells us both, the patient and therapist that the treatment is following the correct path

Pain is also a rebirth, and depending on the treatment you may feel some disconford, but it will be a healing pain, not a harmful pain, you will know the difference, but as always if it is stronger than you can tolerate please don't hesitate to contact us, as we will help you handle the pain too. 

Place Healing

What if the place that needs healing is not near your office?

Distance, whether it is in the next state over or any country around the world is not an impediment to healing a space, all we need is a blue print (it can be hand drawn) of the distribution of your space and your willingness to heal the space for us to start investigating what is affecting your space. 

Strange things are happening... Can you help me identify what it is?

Yes! When diagnosing for geopathic stress, we go through a very thoroughtblist of possible energies that can be affecting you and the other members of your family (humans, pets, etc)

How do I idetify if my house/ office has deterimental energies?

There are several ways to identify this on your own. 1. A suden drop in temperature, ie. you feel cold in what should be a warm space. 2.You feel pressure or a presence once you enter the space. 3. You may feel a tingling sensation when you are in the space. 4.Visitors may not stay long in your space because they feel uncomfortable. 5. There is a change in mood when you are in the space or since you moved to the space. 6. You see shadows out of the corner of your eye. 7. Healthy plants placed in that spot die or become depleated of their vitality. There are many more ways to identify, but give us a call and we'll do our best to help you. 

What do I need to do to start healing my space?

First of all, we will need to talk about what you have identified that is odd energetically with your space. Then we need a hand drawn diagram or blue print if you have it of your space, how it is distributed, rooms, bathrooms, etc. We will need 50% of the payment up front as confirmation of your desire to heal the space. Once the space has been diagnosed we will call you with the findings and we'll go over a plan of action. We'll heal the space and then we'll give you various tools to help you keep your space clear of detrimental energies. Communication is key throughout the process, so please contact us with any inquiries.