Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Welcome to RGSbalancing!Welcome to RGSbalancing!

Energy Balancing

Chakra Balancing

Our body is powered by subtle energies that come from the Earth and the Universe. We are more than this physical body, we have our own energy field inside and outside (Chakras, subtle bodies, Aura, etc)

These energies are not only around us, they travel through us energizing our “Energy distribution centres” called Chakras, and from them to other minor energetic centres or minor Chakras, Organs, etc.

These Chakras can easily get out of balance, blocked or in some extreme cases, may not even be working at all. The reasons are endless, but the most frequent causes are: Significant lose like family members, financial loss, etc., accidents, addictions, emotional shock, broken heart, surgeries, etc. When they are out of balance, the body organs become vulnerable and thus weakened. 

The good news is that they can be balanced, unblocked or reactivated at a distance. So you don’t need to travel anywhere, it can be done remotely, no matter the distance.

When our energy flow is energizing, we can do AMAZING things, but if our vitality is limited, our possiblities of being Grand are diminished.